10 August 2008

BBC Proms

BBC Proms advert in the Underground

Every summer, in London, there is the longest festival of classical music in the world, the BBC Proms. It was started more than 100 years ago and has since been moved to the Royal Albert Hall.

The Royal Albert Hall

Because there are so many concerts and because the Royal Albert Hall is so large, it is easy to get to see some n-i-c-e performances at a reasonable price, which is rare in London. Or for even cheaper seats you can stand in the middle of the Hall.

On a Friday evening, we went to listen to some interesting late 19th / early 20th century music by Debussy and Mussorgsky / Ravel's Pictures at an Exhibition. There was also a contemporary piece from the 21st century.

High up in the Royal Albert Hall Because we had cheap seats, we were seated quite high and 雅蓮was a bit dizzy. At the interval we went to seat down in the posher seats lower down. As the Hall was half empty it was easy.

Even though the acoustic in the Royal Albert Hall is not n-i-c-e, for the price, I am not going to complain and we had a pleasant evening that changed from our usual routine and that was n-i-c-e.

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Ya-Lien said...

I liked the evening because I could get out of my office 1 hour earlier!

BTW, thanks for posting the events that I haven't had time to do on my blog! lol