05 July 2008

Firefox 3

firefoxLogo A few weeks ago, Mozilla Firefox 3 browser was released. I had played for a while with the Beta versions, but before migrating, I needed to have all my extensions working properly. An that is what is n-i-c-e with Firefox; not that it is an open source browser, not that it is faster and safer than Microsoft Internet Explorer. What is n-i-c-e is that hundreds of extensions are available for it.

Through the use of extensions, I can hide most of the commercials on a web site, I can get Google to give me links to Yahoo! search results, but most important of all, I have an extension, Chinese Perakun, that helps me read Chinese web sites.


There are also spell checkers, bookmark synchronisers, integrated calendar programs, and even a portable version of the browser that will run from a USB stick. I could had many many extensions but then, Firefox loads more slowly so there is a fine balance to find.

Of course, not everything is nice with Firefox. There is a new image rendering library used and that means that image scaling is much smoother now. It would usually be nice but in the case of my web site, where I had made French flags out of 3 pixels, when they are scaled up, they don't look like flags any more... same for the Spanish flag.


Luckily, Firefox can render SVG images which for these flags are very small files, ideal for a web site, and my Union Jack will now look even better.

All in all, I really recommend you give Firefox a spin, it is really n-i-c-e.

Firefox 3

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