13 April 2008

VT 3.1

This weekend is a boomerang virtual competition. That is what I just discovered.

I had planned to go throwing for the first time this year this weekend so my first session was a competition. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to contact the other guys in South England so I was on my own in Woking.

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fieldI arrived on the ground at 18:15 BST. It had been raining most of the day and the ground was quite wet. I decided to hurry to avoid an other shower and also because the wind had died down.

As soon as my boomerang came back in my general direction, I decided to start accuracy. As I hadn't marked any circle, I did 2 throws marking the first one and then measured my distance and repeated 5 times. My final score was not too bad for a start: 48.

Then, on to Trick Catch, I had practiced quite a lot last year so I hoped I wouldn't be too bad. As soon as I did a clean one hand catch, my warm up was finished and I started the real thing. I should have warmed up a bit more as I dropped most of them. I however managed the foot catch but then was all wet for the rest of the VT. clothes In doubling, as I hadn't check the tuning of my pair, I used my accuracy boom without any intention of catching it. It seems it came back much closer than during accuracy and I didn't catch the other rang either, except for a hackey. In total 25 points, a PB!

Then it was time for the first round of FC. On the second throw, I managed to catch my favourite FC so I started. After not throwing for 4-5 months, it was a bit too fast for me and I only managed 4 catches with a lot of running. For the second run, I wanted to take my endurance boom but I had doubts about its range and as I didn't have any spotter, I went for my Ice Runner which unfortunately goes well beyond 20m. All of last year I had problems with its tuning, but having spent 4 months stuck under my sofa seems to have fixed this. I got 35" , a PB again and it may even be 34" as I started the watch, then threw and at the end stopped the watch.

myStuff As the Ice Runner had served me so well, I took it for Endurance. After 10 catches, my watch showed me 1 min. Unfortunately, looking at the time made me lose my concentration and I dropped once. Still at 20 catches, I was at 2'10" but then I only got to 30 catches at 4'53". This was mainly due to the sun which was on the horizon and in the wrong place now. I had taken my umbrella but didn't think about the sun glasses . I concentrated for my last throw but missed anyway. So 30 catches.


By now it was 18:45 BST, time to go home. I am looking forward to the next VT on 20th of June. Hopefully this time with other throwers as it is really n-i-c-e.


Now it is Monday morning, I have muscle ache in my right arm. That is not n-i-c-e.

The results are in and I am 14th. Not bad but I had good conditions which is not the case of all throwers.

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