16 April 2008


NHS Earlier this month, 雅蓮 was taken to hospital in a bit of an emergency. She thought she had flu but then was diagnosed with a rare kidney condition; even the specialist had only seen one other case like her in his whole career.

It was a worrying time but all the staff at St Peter hospital were really friendly and efficient. She even found a Chinese nurse!

hospital Some people complain about the waiting time in the NHS, 雅蓮 was actually operated on before the planned date, at 21:30, instead of the next morning. This shows dedication from the doctor and the whole medical team. They allowed me to stay pass the visiting time and by then I was locked in the hospital and the guard was friendly and indicated me the way out. A few day later, I saw him again and he asked news from 雅蓮, that was n-i-c-e.

Even though I don't want to repeat it, I have had a very good experience of the NHS and I didn't have to pay anything, except for my taxes, for one week in the hospital and that is n-i-c-e.

I really want to thank all the people who give their best for the NHS. I know it is not all of them, but those I have seen, in Woking or Harlow, are very good, except the medical student who butchered 雅蓮's hand.

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Ya-Lien said...

hihi... thanks for taking care of me!