18 April 2008

Happy birthday 車車

cheche When we bought our little Ford Ka, (chē chē), it was out of necessity to go to work. I needed to commute to my new job and didn't have much money. A Ford Ka was ideal. Economical to buy and run.

車車 is economical to run

Of course we take 車車 with us on weekends and I try to take care of it during the week. In the end it is quite fuel efficient and it is really worth it.


Sometimes I don't protect it as much as I should but earlier this week, 車車, reached its 100,000 miles mark. I now need to take care of it even more.


I am happy with 車車, it is a really n-i-c-e car and I hope to be able to keep it for quite some time to come.

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