18 February 2008

La Brioche Dorée

I have quite a few n-i-c-e posts to write soon but today, I decided to open a new category, the not n-i-c-e category.

Last Saturday, we were in London and around tea time, we decided to try a new French bakery we hadn't try yet. So we went to Brioche Dorée on Piccadilly.

OK, it nearly 18:00 so they had sold out nearly everything, they still had some dry King's cake from last month - when will they stop advertising it? I also took a hot chocolate.

The service was done by girls would didn't care about their customers, the place was cramped and the chocolate was just Cadbury powder mixed with hot water, that means awful to french guys like me.

So I won't go back ever again and I recommend you avoid it as well.

I hope I will not have to use the not n-i-c-e category too often, but keep me informed of your bad experiences.

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